Who are we?

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We adopt best-practices and strive to maintain the highest professional standards in our work, our culture and in dealing with our clients. In performing our work, we comply with the Codes of Conduct set out by the Actuarial Society of South Africa and the United Kingdom Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.



We commit to produce results that are accurate and reliable. Fero Actuarial Consulting strives to adopt the most efficient strategy when attending to the needs of our clients whilst assessing the requirements of all stakeholders involved. In our damages calculations (RAF claims) division, we are proud to showcase fast turnaround times and ensure that reports are ready and sent in time for deadlines.


We provide a spirit of excellence in performing our technical work and in servicing our clients’ needs. We go above and beyond the expectations of our clients and insist on always getting it done. In producing technical actuarial calculations and communicating results, we do not shy away from the harder path or the greater workload in order to produce the most accurate results and exceed our instructed expectations.

Damages Calculations (RAF Claims)

Members of our core Actuarial team have completed thousands of Actuarial reports for leading legal firms and they are well-versed in testifying in the High Court. Our Actuarial experts have gathered a comprehensive technical and legal war chest of knowledge and experience in Actuarially calculating any RAF claim. Our industry experience places us at the forefront in this specialised field. We possess specialist expertise of these types of calculations, acquired over many years, that enables us to produce high quality Actuarial reports. We are able to accurately and efficiently interpret, assess and report on any information supplied.