What we do

We assist you with all components of the risk management process used to manage your quantitative and qualitative risk exposures. This includes designing and enhancing top-down and bottom-up risk appetite processes to enable decision making, developing risk taxonomies and risk dictionaries to facilitate the identification of risk, as well as the design of risk registers and tools for measuring and monitoring risk exposures.

The potential for profit and loss inherent in an organisation’s operations and business environment – increased competition, labour unrests, exchange rate fluctuations and adverse economic conditions impacts significantly on an organisation’s ability to provide return on investment and shareholder value.

Businesses evaluate financial risk in terms of the probability that an achieved return on a business investment could be lower than anticipated. The aspects of risk include:

o Conceptual risk
o Equity and Capital risk
o Default on payments or delivery risk
o Fiscal conditions risk
o Country risk
o Exchange rate and Interest Rate risk
o Gearing and Liquidity risk
o Strategy and Operational risk
o Sovereign risk and Insurance Underwriting risk
o Key Services:
o Strategy and Growth
o Reducing the risks and exposure of International Trade

Key Services:

o Strategy and Growth
o Reducing the risks and exposure of International Trade 

We assist our clients by developing a range of ALM solutions that ranges from a basic ALM approach that focuses on using it as a risk mitigating tool to more advanced approaches where ALM is used as part of a decision-making framework that uses ALM to control risks and achieve strategic objectives